Monday, March 12, 2012

The New House!

So, as promised, I have pictures of my parent’s new house!
This past weekend, I went home to help with the move and totallyunderestimated the amount of work I was going to get suckered into doing.  As soon as my mom picked me up from the bus stop, she dragged me to Wal-Mart to pick up blinds for the new house.  (nevermind it was 1:30 in the morning!!)  The next morning, we were up at 7:30, ready for the movers to come pack up all the furniture she and I couldn’t possibly move.  The movers were wonderful and got everything done in only about 2 hours!  Then, we were off to the new place, with two full trucks in tow.

Once we arrived at the new house, I managed to run inside before the moving trucks parked to snap a few pictures of the empty rooms…
Living Room
I only have ‘after’ pictures of the first floor because its the only space we could really get looking put-together in the few days I was home, so I’ll upload the rest of the house once it is finished.
For now though, here are the ‘after’ pictures of the living room and kitchen!!
My mom loves the homey-rustic look, so we kept with warm colors (mostly rusty reds, deep greens, and gold)  She has a lot of plants and photographs of the Amish, so the mantle was decorated with a little of each:
Onto the kitchen..

As you can see, there are more plants in here as well and we stuck to the same color-scheme.  Most of the decor from our old place had the same colors so it was really easy to just pick and choose the stuff we wanted for the new house and decide where to position it all.
The only big thing that needed to get done before we moved in was remove this MASSIVE radiator that was right where the baker’s rack is.  My mom had a vision and the baker’s rack had to be there, so she had a plumber come and wrench out the radiator, since the house has been retro-fitted with central heat and air anyways.  And now, voilà! Easy access to the wine glasses-obviously very important.

My favorite detail in the kitchen are the glass-front cabinets.  I know they are pretty common in homes now, but we’ve never had them before and I think they are just so pretty.  Everything looks fancier when behind glass doors. ;)
So, that’s all for now, folks!  I have a midterm this week that is all-consuming so I can’t really do any other projects at the moment.  No worries, as soon as I do something creative, you guys will be the first to know.

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