Friday, April 27, 2012

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So, I know I’ve been gone lately.  Yesterday was my Thesis final review, so now that it’s finished I can come out of hiding.  So happy to finally be done!

Now its just a countdown to graduation. :)
On another note, I found these photos on A Merry Mishap today and I’m loving them.  They are from a guest blogger, the writer of My Scandinavian Home
I am LOVING this chandelier made of desk lamps.  So creative and I love the contrast of the black against the white.
Wall to wall bookshelves.  Something I long for.
The figs on the left are beautiful, but I really like this photo because of the ballet shoes on the right.  I danced classical ballet for 13 years, so this really strikes a personal chord with me.  I have tons of pointe shoes at home, both my own as well as some signed by principal dancers, and I would love to line the inside with pretty fabric like this and put them on display.  (maybe on those wall to wall bookshelves?!)
Hope everyone enjoys their weekends! I know I’m looking forward to relaxing. :)

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