Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photography, Friends!

Hi, all!  I know it has more than a long time since I have posted..there’s been a lot going on lately and I’ve been more stressed than inspired.  I thought it would be interesting to have an interview-type of thing happen with one of my friends, since I haven’t had time to do anything myself.  She just branched out into her own photography business and I think she is amazing!
Here are a few of her shots from her awesome website, and then below I've asked her some questions and she has provided me with her awesome, honest answers.

Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you do? What makes you tick? What makes you so special?
My name is Julie DiMarzio and I am a 27-year-old air traffic controller.  I’ve been at my job for the last 6 years and I absolutely love it.  I’ve wanted to be an ATC since I was in 10th grade.  Before that, I was thinking about becoming a professional trumpet player.  Even though I love music and I love playing my trumpet, it’s not my passion in life.  So I decided to take the road less traveled and become an air traffic controller!

How did you first get interested in photography?
I’m not sure how I got interested in photography.  I’ve always liked taking pictures though.  My dad took some classes in college and taught me the correct way to compose a photograph and hold a camera from the time I was pretty young.  Then, when I had the financial means to get a nice camera, it was really a no-brainer for me.

How did you decide what kind of camera to buy?
I decided to buy a Nikon D3100.  I did a lot of research - I always do before I drop about $1000 on something.  Oh wait, I never have spent that much on one thing before.  Except my car.  And my house.  Nevermind.  LOL.  I have two good friends that both have Canons, but after doing research and holding both brands in my hands, Nikon felt more comfortable to me.  Online reviews had said that the D3100 was the most user-friendly entry-level DSLR on the market.  It seemed like the logical choice!

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?
My favorite subject to shoot is people, and more specifically, babies.  I love babies anyway, and being able to show little details of a newborn is so much fun.  Up close shots of noses, fingers, and toes can be so cute!

Is there something that you are absolutely DYING to shoot?
Something I’m dying to shoot?  I’m not sure about that one - I just like to be surprised with the pictures I get sometimes.

Do you have any tips for other amateur photographers out there who might want to start up their own business?
As far as starting a business, I’m not sure about that either.  I’m not doing my photography for the money.  I guess the biggest advice I can offer is to say “NO” once in a while.  You don’t have to bend over backwards for everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed, and I hope to be posting more interesting stuff soon!!

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