Friday, August 17, 2012

Artwork: Up

When Guillermo left his previous job at a digital fabrication lab, he made sure to utilize the machinery one last time to route out a bunch of patterns in a sheet of MDF.  He used a CNC miller and overlayed a bunch of different patterns to create a complex image overall.
Now, I’ll admit, when he brought home a HUGE 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of MDF, I was not impressed.  We were in the middle of packing for the move and I was sure that the sheet had no home in the moving truck.  We already had so much stuff to move, why do we need this piece of MDF that nobody else wanted?!?

Turns out, he proved me wrong.
Once the majority of our boxes were unpacked and the apartment was in a livable state, he tore it all back apart to paint the panel, cut evenly into three pieces.  (of course!)  It was a full day project painting the things, and then another full day getting them hung STRAIGHT AND EVENLY SPACED on the wall.  
All in all, it turned out amazing and we now have a super cool art installation in our living room!  
Here are some close-ups so you can see the texture…
Guillermo took all of the photos because he has a website of his own (which is way cooler than mine), where he uploads all of his personal projects.  If you like this, you should check the rest out over at StudioBernal!

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