Thursday, August 30, 2012


This weekend is going to be crazy for me.  And by crazy, I mean I won't have a minute to think to myself or even breathe.  Which means I may not be able to post much.  Here’s my schedule for this insane wedding weekend:

Tomorrow I will be on Amtrak from 9:30 am to 5 pm.  Then I have to decorate a wine bottle as a gift to my friend -the bride- and then head out for her second (!) bachelorette party.  WOO HOO!
Friday, I will have to drag myself out of bed before noon (which could be a challenge knowing how bachelorette parties usually go) and head to the winery where the wedding is for a run-through.  After that, all the bridesmaids and the bride are going to get manis and pedis, the one relaxing part of the day.  Shortly after that we are meeting at a park for the rehearsal dinner/party!  The groom loves to have a good time, so I’m sure it will be a late night and I will be calling my mom for a ride home.  (don’t drink and drive, folks!!)
Saturday is The Big Day.  We all have to be at the winery at 10 am to help set everything up, then I have to race home to get my hair done, then race back to finish getting ready with the girls so the photographer can document it all.  The wedding starts at 4 and then it’s show time.
Now, you may think that sounds like a lot to fit into three days and then I’ll just be returning back home to blow off some steam-but oh no.  Sunday morning I have to catch a bus at 9 AM up to New York City (yay!) for Guillermo’s cousin’s wedding!  Pretty excited to be back in the big city…
I wouldn’t dare miss this wedding because a lot of his family will be there, including his parents who I haven’t seen in 2 years.  (and neither has he!)  We will get a good amount of time to spend with them though because Monday all four of us will be returning back here to Boston!  Guillermo’s parents will be staying with us for 2-3 days until they have to fly back to El Salvador.  :(
Should be a very busy and stressful weekend, but hey-what weddings aren’t stressful??  I can’t wait though to see two different couples on the happiest days of their lives.  It should be really special. 

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