Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The New Place

Hey, all!
I am finally getting around to putting up the pictures of the new apartment that my boyfriend and I just moved in to.  We haven’t really gotten everything to a nice-designy-beautiful stage yet, so I’m only uploading the pictures of the empty rooms so you get an idea of the space. 
Hope you enjoy!
The front of the building-
The hallway from the front door-
(first door on right, bedroom, second on right, living room, first on left, bathroom, second on left, kitchen)
The bedroom-
The living room-
The bathroom (LOVE that tub!!)-
The kitchen (I forgot to take a picture before we unpacked, so that’s the state its in now)-
And….through that door in the kitchen is our balcony-type thing…
And that’s the tour!!
The bedroom doesn’t have any closets in it, but in the hallway there are two so we’ve split them.  (fair is fair, right? even though I could fill one entire closet with my shoes…)
So, what do you guys think?

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