Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Progress

Our kitchen is finally all put together! Today Guillermo hung the pot rack that I made while I was in school, and everything is finally coming together. Here are some pictures…

You may be wondering where we got that awesome table that the toaster and blender and such are sitting on.  Well, we learned very quickly (the first day we lived here and tried to actually cook something) that the kitchen had ZERO counter space.  Like, literally the only space was right next to the sink, which is where we have to put our dish rack.  
The solution to the problem?  Guillermo bought a table-top remnant from a local store and some 2x4’s and built the dang thing.  It took him only an afternoon and it works perfectly in our space because its nice and long,
without being too wide for the already-narrow kitchen.  Here’s a better picture to see it in all it’s glory.
Just the right amount of storage space for the rest of the appliances AND we have space to prepare food. 
Life is good.
PS: The concrete squares that the olive oil is sitting on are one of Guillermo’s projects called Dentritic.  You can find more pictures and information on them here.

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