Friday, September 14, 2012

Thankful for Friday

Hey, all!  How has everyone’s week been?  I’m hoping well.  Mine’s been pretty good-can’t really complain.  :)
This week I’m thankful for my job!  I had a somewhat regular week this week (or what I would imagine to be regular), working 5, 7-8 hour days. It’s been a lot more tolling on my body than I imagined…being on your feet for 8 hours is painful!  I feel like such an old woman every day after work.  
But back to what I’m thankful for!  BECAUSE I worked so much this week, I have really started to feel like I’m forming friendships with my co-workers. I’ve learned all their names and I’ve even found out that a bunch of them go to art school!  Naturally, that makes me feel at home.  We all seem to be getting along really well and I’m really enjoying the camaraderie.  
How about you guys?  Feel good about the week or have any exciting plans for the weekend?

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