Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things for the Apartment...

Although we have lived in our ‘new’ apartment for almost 2 whole months now, there are still some major things that we need to buy in order for the place to feel complete.  Of course, because these are major things, they take some major money.
Which we don’t have.
So here’s my wish list.  Maybe one day I can use it as a reference to actually go out and purchase some items…
1) We need a rug.  Our whole apartment has hardwood floors which are gorgeous, but we need a rug in the living room to go in front of the couch/under the coffee table. I think it would make the room feel more warm and hopefully it will keep the coffee table from sliding all over the place. (that drives me crazy!)  Here are a few that I really like.  I want something with a neutral, geometric pattern, and luckily West Elm is having a 15% off rugs sale…
West Elm Istanbul Rug - $296
West Elm Kite Kilim Rug - $237
West Elm Gradiated Stripe Cotton Dhurrie - $84 (maybe a winner?!)
West Elm Snow Peak Rug - $296
2) Living Room Storage.  We want something in a dark brown or black to go along as closely as possible to the mismatch of furniture in our living room.  We have black bookshelves and a dark brown (stained oak? Mahogany?) wood coffee table. Ideally, the shelving would be geometric so we could buy little baskets to hide stuff in and slide onto a shelf.  Target has some great solutions…
Northfield 3 Tier Bookcase - $139
Highpoint Contoured Bookcase - $230
ClosetMaid Cubeicals 12 Cube Organizer - $60 (we’ve already talked about getting this one sometime soon)
Those are the two big things I think we need.  Especially because they are both for the living room where-if we had any friends to invite over-we would all hang out.  The bedroom needs some storage solutions and prettying up too, but I think that can wait.  
Things I still want:
-drapes for windows in living room/bedroom
-actual bathmat, not jut a hand towel thrown on the floor
-actual rug/runner for next to the bed (currently using yoga mat)
-new throw pillows for couch
-new bed frame (with headboard!)
-frames for already hung artwork
-square frames for instagram art in kitchen
-cork bulletin board with envelopes for bills, bank statements, etc.
-larger trashcan and other miscellaneous kitchen stuff
-small pots to grow herbs

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