Sunday, September 9, 2012

The OTHER Wedding

Some of you may remember that I said Labor Day weekend was going to be crazy because I was attending 2 (two!) weddings, back to back.  Well, here is the post about the other one!
The wedding was one of Guillermo’s cousins, Cindy, and her fiance (now-husband), John.  It was absolutely stunning.  The ceremony was at the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Mott Street in Soho, which I had only been to before for the Young Designers Market, but that was in the rec-center type room, not the actual cathedral.
Anyways, the ceremony was beautiful.  It was a Catholic ceremony so I was a little lost, but overall it was smooth and lovely.

Following the ceremony, Cindy and John had arranged one of the open-top tour buses to take us all on a tour of the city!  I lived in NYC for 5 years, but I was never a tourist during that time so I was super excited to go on the tour! Guillermo and his mom had to go meet his aunt during this time so it was just me and his dad on the tour, so I did my best to translate some of the fun facts about the city and architecture into Spanish for him.  It rained a tiny bit on the tour, but overall it was pretty beautiful.
Beekman Tower
WTC Site (Ground Zero)
UN Building
Aaaannnnd the reception.  My favorite part.  It was held at the Michelin-starred restaurant Del Posto, owned by Mario BataliJoe Bastianich, and Lidia Bastianich.
Our table was the ‘Parsley’ table.  Because John is a chef (at Del Posto-get it?) all of the tables were decorated with herbs and edible plants instead of the usual flower centerpieces.  
We also threw Rosemary and Bay Leaves onto the bride and groom as they left the ceremony as opposed to the run-of-the-mill rice or bubbles.
ohmygoodnessgraciousitwasSOGOOD!  I think the pictures will do more justice than just my drooling over here…
Veal agnolotti with pea puree and espresso dust
Orrechiete with carrot puree and ground lamb ragu
Filet with mashed-potato cake, wilted spinach and caramelized shallot
Sea Bass with some sort of puree and wilted green…(I don’t remember but it was delicious)
A chocolate ice cream truffle almost? With toasted breadcrumb croutons and candied black cherries with black cherry sauce
Ricotta cheesecake (I think-it was super light) with grape sauce and toasted breadcrumbs (I apologize for the blurriness-at this point I had had about 435 glasses of delicious wine that I could never afford on my own)
And of course a small slice of the wedding cake, which was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and of course delicious as well.
Now, there was also a first course of a salad of spring vegetables with a ricotta dressing and lemon-salt which I forgot to take a picture of.  I got to eat ALL OF THE COURSES ABOVE.  Really, I was only supposed to have either the filet or the fish, but half our table left early so we all got to try everything. (score!)
And of course, there was plenty of dancing at the reception….
Guillermo’s parents
Guillermo and I (we’re not the most coordinated when it comes to taking pictures)
Overall, it was a really great time and a food experience I’ll never forget!!  I’m so happy I got to meet some more of Guillermo’s family and see some of them that I hadn’t seen in over 2 years.  It was a wonderful time had by all.

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