Monday, December 17, 2012

Deck the Hall

This weekend, I took some time to do at least a little bit of Christmas decorating in our apartment.  Now, I don't have too much space and I had a budget of about $0, but I think it looks kinda festive.  I'm proud!

The first thing I started working on was a paper and twine garland for the hall.  I had paper, paint, and twine laying around so all I did was paint the paper green, cut out leaf shapes, then tie them together along the twine.  Here's what it looks like!

All I did to tie them together was tie a loose knot around the center of the two leaves so the paper didn't tear.  I spaced them out by eye, so they aren't perfect, but that's ok with me.

The other thing I did was decorate the Peace Lilly that my mom got me for my birthday (and I haven't killed yet!!) with some teeny-tiny ornaments.  I got a package of 25 3/4" diameter balls for only $5 from Urban Outfitters and tied them to the leaves of the plant with thin wire.  

The little balls of color are so cheerful. :)

And finally, the small bookshelf we have in the hall is now where we display all of the Christmas cards we have been receiving in the mail.  Family and friends have been sending us cards and its so comforting to see them every day on the way into the apartment.

The ornaments that didn't make it onto the Peace Lilly are sitting in a glass jar from an old, used-up candle on the top shelf for a little extra fun.

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