Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm Excited to Announce...

Tomorrow I'll be going to New York City!!

Pretty much ever since I moved up here to Boston, I have wanted to go back to Brooklyn to visit my crazy roommates.  The first month after I moved out was really tough, but it has gotten a lot easier being away now that I'm settled into my new lifestyle.  I've barely been scraping by financially, but I decided that its now or never to go down for a visit because my friends Taylor and Crosby are leaving for Rome in January!!  (this trip sponsored by my lovely mom)  Taylor, a fellow Pratt student, is doing the same study abroad program I did 2 years ago (has it been that long already?!?!) and her fiance Crosby is going to go with her and study Italian cooking.  He works at an Italian restaurant right now and the owner is going to hook him up with a friend's restaurant in Rome.  I am soooo very excited for them and I promised I would map out all the best places to go in Rome.  Think: gelato, pizza, €1 shots, etc.

In addition to visiting my friends, I'm excited to be reunited with the amazing food New York has to offer.  Some places I plan on going are:

Urban Vintage for a delicious latte


DOUGH for a light and fluffy donut

Choice for more coffee and some tasty pastries

And of course some other Brooklyn staples, like cheap Chinese food, PBR, and Bergen Bagels.

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