Monday, October 15, 2012

Gallery Wall Attempt

When you enter our apartment, this is what you will see:
Art on just about every strip of wall space.
I’ve wanted a gallery wall for oh-so-long now and this is as close as I am going to get for a while.  Ultimately I would like to have each piece in a frame, but frames are just so dang expensive and well, I’m on a shoestring budget.
The first two pieces on the right are from my very first project in my silkscreening class at Pratt.  The pattern is called a Voronoi, and I produced it using a program called Grasshopper, which we are all familiar with in the architecture world.  (I tried to bring the two worlds together there…art and architecture)  They are the same print, only inverted: in orientation and in the layering of ink colors.
Here is a closer shot of the print on the left so you can see the deep red I got from printing the red ontop of the black.  (the general rule when printing is to start with the darkest color first, then move towards the lightest to prevent the colors from getting distorted or muddy)
The next stretch of wall is what I am calling my ‘gallery’ space.  Again, most of the pieces are from my silkscreening class.  We all had to produce enough prints to exchange with our other classmates so I hit the jackpot when it came to art for the new apartment.
Below is a drawing that I did while I was studying in Rome.  Il Ponte Sisto-the bridge that I crossed just about every day.  Trust me when I say it wasway more beautiful in person.
And finally, on the left side of the hall when entering is a framed landscape print.  This was a gift from the amazing, friendly, and kind night janitor at Pratt, Solomon.  He does art in his spare time and gave Guillermo and I prints of his work as both Christmas gifts and going away gifts.  He truly is the sweetest, so I wanted to pay him a little respect by framing his work.
Maybe one of these pieces will be in a real gallery, but until then I am happy to provide a home to some nice, original artwork.

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