Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday Funday

Like I said Monday, this past Sunday with my ‘rents was absolutely stunning.  Chip had the genius idea to drive up north to get some fresh lobster for lunch, but then he decided it would be even better if we went out on a fishing boat and caught our own lobsters, that we would then eat for lunch.  So, that’s what we did!
We arrived at the harbor in Gloucester at 10 am and immediately hopped onto Captain Kevin's boat.  Once we got out into the water, he explained all the safety procedures to us and we suited up.
Captain Kevin showed us how to properly change the bait bags that lure in the lobsters and how to measure which lobsters were big enough to keep and which were thrown back into the water.  He also told us that when we find a female lobster with about 97,304,982 eggs attached to her, we have to snip her tail and throw her back so everyone knows she is fertile and can’t be caught.  Gotta keep the lobster industry in business!  We found a couple:
We pulled up and emptied 20 pots (what the cages are called) and caught 21 lobsters in total.  Once they were all placed into their little cubbies, I had the opportunity to band them.  I’ll admit I was nervous at first because I didn’t want to lose a finger but once I got the hang of it, I figured I could have a summer job.
must be gentle while banding and ‘support every joint’-like they are old and have arthritis.
my handiwork!
While we were out on the water, the Coast Guard decided to pay us a visit. Nothing big, just a routine check of the safety equipment and such.
Some of the houses we passed were gorgeous and we also got to see this castle built during WW1!  It was built by John Hayes Hammond who was an inventor for the navy.  Now its used for weddings an banquets and such.
Captain Kevin was the absolute best.  He even told us about a restaurant down the street that his friend works at where they will cook the lobsters you bring in for only $7.  Guess what we had for lunch?
After our bellies were full of lobster and other delicious treats from the sea, we drove further north about 5 miles to the town of Rockport.  It’s where the movie The Proposal was filmed and it is so picturesque-the epitome of a Northeastern cape town.  The harbor was gorgeous and the streets were lined with shops and ice creameries.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon before heading back to Boston.
Rockport Harbor

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