Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricanes and Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying the not-so-rainy weather after the few days we have all had to endure.  I had to work today and planned on dressing up as a make-shift Troy Palomalu, but lost the incentive to make a white-t into a jersey when it was 1 am last night and I still hadn't done anything about it.  Oh well.

Living on my own now I kinda wish we got trick-or-treaters, but I know not to expect any since we live in a mid-size apartment building.  Doubt we will get any kiddies...not to mention I already ate all of our candy.  (oops!)

On a nother note...

I am shocked to see the kind of devastation Sandy has brought to the big city of New York.  I know most people (my age at least) tend not to really worry too much about natural disasters of this sort and consequently, don't really prepare.  (I know Guillermo and I barely thought twice about it, just making sure we had food, water and toilet paper to last us an extra day or two.)  Thank goodness though that there were mandatory evacuations and the rescue teams were on top of their game, because Sandy was really rough on the northeast.  Here are some photos of the most memorable moments in my opinion:

The Con-Edison EXPLOSION at the 14th Street power plant.  It looks like some sort of bomb went off, the colors were so bright blue and the explosion was so big!!

The poor families in this building in Chelsea now live in a life-size dollhouse.  A powerful gust of wind completely blew the facade off of their building!  How insane is that?

The NYC Subway system in lower Manhattan is going to be closed for a while.  This is a photo taken at 86th street and look how high the water is!  Plus, many stops are multiple levels below-grade.  I can't even imagine the amount of work and manpower it is going to take to get the city back up and running or, riding rather.

The lovely neighborhood of DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was completely underwater.  It is right along the waterfront, overlooking Manhattan, which makes it a gorgeous neighborhood (and very pricey).  Unfortunately, its prime location caused it to take a pretty bad beating..look how high the water line was at this restaurant!

And the beautiful Jane's Carousel was a little island for a while.

All in all, I have not heard of many serious injuries from the hurricane, but I can only imagine the emotional scarring that will take place for those whose houses were severely flooded or destroyed in the fire in Queens.  My heart goes out to everyone suffering through this time and I can only hope everyone can band together to build New York back up to the great city we all know and love.

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