Monday, November 5, 2012

Next Project.

We desperately need a rug for our living room.  It's hardwood floors, and we have a hardwood coffee table that doesn't match the wood on the floors and it slides all over the place, which drives me bonkers.

When I say we desperately need a rug, that's probably not really true, but I'm allowed to be dramatic every once in a while.  I would just really, really like one because I think it would bring us one step closer to having a real, grown-up apartment.

My plan is to use this tutorial as a guideline, and buy the 4'7" x 6'7" ERSLEV rug from Ikea. (just like she did)  I've always been sure I want a simple, geometric pattern but I'm even more sure now that I will be taping everything off myself.  This beautiful nursery has been all over the blogosphere and I really like the pattern and color used on the accent wall.  I'm thinking it will be perfect. 

Here are some images of (the pretty side of) our living room.  I think navy will work well with the green couch and touches of blue in the art.  What do you guys think?

On a side note, Aerosmith played a free concert in the street today just 2 blocks away from me!  They were outside their first apartment, where they wrote their first album.  I'm not a HUGE fan, but I couldn't turn down the chance to see them live.  The streets were packed and I couldn't see a whole lot, but here are a few shots I got:

Hi, Steven Tyler!

Smoke and confetti for the finale. (Walk This Way!)

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